On the ice rink of the Arena at Collalbo, the fastest ice ring in the world, on an altitude of 1200 m above sea level not only a breathtaking view is awaiting athletes and guests, it you will find incredible races and a rich programme during the weekend of the European Championchip.

During the weekend oft he Championship guests will find tasty food, drinks and entertainment in the pavilion.

Friday, January 11 2019

12:55 Opening Ceremony
13:30 500m Ladies Allround
500m Men Sprint (1)
3000m Ladies Allround
1000m Men Sprint (1)

Saturday, January 12 2019

11:05 1500m Ladies Allround
500m Men Sprint (2)
500m Ladies Sprint (1)
500m Men Allround
5000m Ladies Allround
Awards Ceremony Ladies Allround
1000m Ladies Sprint (1)
1000m Men Sprint (2)
Awards Ceremony Men Sprint
5000m Men Allround

Sunday, January 13 2019

12:30 500m Ladies Sprint (2)
1500m Men Allround
1000m Ladies Sprint (2)
Awards Ceremony Ladies Sprint
10 000m Men Allround
Awards Ceremony Men Allround

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