Team Competition

Two teams of 4 players duel. The teams can be women, men or mixed teams. A match consists of six so called turns, where each player has one attempt (thus, each player has 6 attempts in one match). Three attempts are played in one direction, followed by three attempts in the opposite direction. The puck is placed on the playing field. One match generally takes 25-30 minutes. The central idea and the objective of the game is to place the icestocks as close to the puck as possible. It is allowed to brush the opposing icestock from the playing field with one’s own icestock or to change the position of the puck by a dosed execution of a shot. The final position of the stock to the puck is always crucial.
The team that succeeds to place their icestock the closest to the puck will in consequence gain the match point. If the second closest icestock belongs to the same team, this team gains one more point. This rule also applies for a third and fourth icestock. After 6 turns the single turns will be added up and the team with the most points wins the match.

Target competition - single

In the target competition, single players play simultaneously on the ice in 4 rounds. The objective of the competition is to prove, who manages to solve the game situations that are displayed on the playing field in the most skillful way and under a time target. Game situations are e.g. the so called „Maßen“ (to place the icestock close to the puck) or „Shooting“ (to brush the opposing icestock out of the playing field). Other than in the team competition, there is no direct dueling in the target competition. As a consequence of the players acting next to each other and in view of their opponents, however, a new score is determined with every executed shot. This results in additional pressure on the players.

Target competition - Team

The difference to the single competition is that the 4 rounds are played by 4 different players from one nation. „Specialists” on the corresponding field play the given game situations (e.g. a player who is very good in „Maßen” or in shooting).
Analogue to the target competition single, also numerous nations can play simultaneously on the ice

Long Distance

In the competition, each athlete has only five attempts and the best attempt is included in the evaluation. This sport is extremely interesting for spectators. Everybody can decide very quickly if an attempt is successful. There are only two possibilities: Either the shot is wider than the others or not.
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