14th Icestocksport World Championships 2022

Time schedule Women & Men

Tuesday, 22/02/2022

Drawing 17.00 h
Opening Ceremony 19.00 h

Wednesday, 23/02/2022

Team competition Men/Women (preliminary) 7.30 h
Distance competition Men Cat. B 17.00 h

Thursday, 24/02/2022

Target competition Men/Woman (qualification) 7.00h
Long Distance competition Women/Men Cat. A 16.00 h

Friday, 25/02/2022

Team competition Women/Men (Second round) 8.00 h

Saturday, 26/02/2022

Target competition Women/Men (Classification Team) 8.00 h
Target competition Women/Men (Finals - single) 13.30 h
Distance competition Women/Men (Finals) 17.00 h

Sunday, 27/02/2022

Target competition Team mixed 8.00 h
Team competition Women/Men (Qualification team) 10.30 h
Team competition Women/Men (finals) 15.00 h

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